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This year task — CodeBall

Write an artificial intelligence to control a team of robots playing codeball, compete with other participants in the championship!

Detailed description of the task can be found in “CodeBall” championship and Rules sections.

Let's register! Quick start

Russian AI Cup — open artificial intelligence programming contest. Test yourself writing a game strategy! It’s simple, clear and fun!

The seventh Russian AI Cup championship is named CodeBall. You are to program an artificial intelligence to control a team of robots playing CodeBall. Your strategies will compete with each other in the Sandbox and the championship. You can use any of programming languages: C++, Java, C#, Python, Rust, Kotlin or Ruby. The Sandbox is already open. Good luck!

We welcome both novice programmers — students and pupils, as well as professionals. Writing your own strategy is very simple: basic programming skills are enough.

Championship schedule

  • Sandbox: open for everyone from December 16, 21:00 UTC till February 8, 21:00 UTC; first and fourth weeks will be beta-testing, system instability and significant changes in the rules are possible during these periods.
  • Round 1: January 11, 21:00 UTC – January 12, 21:00 UTC.
  • Round 2: January 25, 21:00 UTC – January 26, 21:00 UTC.
  • Finals: February 1, 21:00 UTC – February 3, 21:00 UTC.

Begin from the Quick start quide. Writing a simple strategy is not hard at all!


Prizes aren't available

Championship News


The closing of the Russian AI Cup 2018

The Sandbox is completed, and now we can announce the closure of the Russian AI Cup 2018: CodeBall championship.

Let’s congratulate the winners. All of them receive WD My Passport Ultra 2TB for their efforts:

  1. 1st-6th places Denis Utkin - ud1 (Russia).

  2. 1st-6th places Alexandr Voytuk - RiSuS (Belarus).

  3. 1st-6th places Vladimir Usachev - Daramant (Russia).

  4. 1st-6th places Andrey Rybalka - lama (Ukraine).

  5. 1st-6th places Mikhail Balakirev - mixei4 (USA).

  6. 1st-6th places Sergey Bondarenko - giperball.

Of course, this is not all prizes. All participants of Round 2 will receive a souvenir t-shirt with championship symbolics, and all participants of the Final, in addition to this, will get a hoodie.

Later we will make an e-mail newsletter with additional information regarding the receipt of prizes. Please also note that all questions related to receiving prizes are recommended to be sent to, and not using messages on this site.

With the best wishes, Mail.Ru Group and Codeforces teams.


Finals: Results

Finally, the last game of the Finals has been tested, and its time for some results. In the Finals, each strategy had 6 matches against each other, and top-6 participants, according to the results, are:

1) 1 place Andrey «T1024» Tokarev (Hungary, Budapest). He won more than 99% of the matches and becomes the winner of CodeBall 2018 and the lucky owner of the Apple Macbook Pro.

2) 2 place Tony«TonyK» Kozlovsky (Belarus, Minsk) gets Apple Macbook Air for the second place.

3) 3 place Nickolay «Mr.Smile» Vabishevich (Russia, Moscow) closes the top 3. For his efforts, he receives Apple iPad.

4) 4-6 place Lev «Lev» Simonov (Russia, Perm) - Samsung Gear S3.

5) 4-6 place Ivan «tyamgin» Tyamgin (Russia, Симферополь) - WD My Cloud 6 TB.

6) 4-6 place Andrey«morozec» Morozov (Russia, Samara) - WD My Passport Ultra 4TB.

We congratulate you all!

However, the other participants are still too early to relax, and it’s too early for us to sum up the final results of the championship. There is still a week of the Sandbox, and according to its results the best 6 participants will also receive prizes. We remind you that the finalists will continue to participate in the competition informally.


Last week before the Finals

Round 2 has finished successfully, and it means that there is less than a week until the Finals!

Games in the Sandbox now include 3v3 games with nitro.

Congratulations to everyone who made it into the Finals, but do not forget that those who didn’t, still can do so through the Sandbox. To do so, you have to be among top-10 in the Sandbox, excluding current finalists. You can see your progress on a special page. Also, there is a page to see Sandbox results for finalists only (link).

Good luck everyone and see you in the Finals!


Round 1 is over

Round 1 is over. In total for 2 parts each strategy has played 84 times.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with on of the participants (leloy) who did not make it into Round 1 despite high place in the Sandbox. So, we have decided to automatically promote him to Round 2. Also, since number of participants must be even, there will be 302 participants in total in Round 2 (301 of which will be top participants of Round 1).

If you do not get into their number, do not get upset. You still have a chance to get the T-shirt. For this, at the beginning of Round 2, you need to be in the top 60 Sandbox participants except for the mentioned 302 people. Within a few days we will add a special table, where everyone can track their progress.

And now begins the second week of beta test and also begins the hot time for adapting your strategies to the changed rules. Nitro is now available in the Sandbox games.


Round 1 is coming!

There is a little time left until Round 1 is starting!

It so happened that we could not get the planned 1080 participants. The main reason for this was the dates (holidays) and the complexity of the task. Unfortunately, we would not be able to start the competition as RAIC 2018 if not in these dates. We tried to approach this championship as responsibly as possible, although we thought that it could be like that. Although, according to numerous reviews, the game was liked by everyone, which we are happy about.

So, in Round 1, all or almost all of the strategies will take part. (The system is arranged in such a way that the number of participants in the tournament stage must be a multiple of the number of participants in one game.)

We remind you that the games of the stage will be played by waves. Each strategy plays exactly once for the wave. For the victory in the game, two points are given, for the defeat is zero, in case of a tie, both strategies will receive one point each.

We wish everyone good luck. But if you still did not manage to get into the treasured top 300, you can always go to Round 2 and even Finals from the Sandbox.


We need your opinion

Hello everyone!

First, here’s a list of recent updates:

  • Fixed a bug in simulation, when two robots collided, and one of them was jumping (see new version of rules)
  • Added JavaScript package (Node 11.5.0), thanks to participants for PR!
  • You can now see time/memory consumed by your strategy by clicking the language icon on a tested game

Besided, we created a survey, asking participants about moving the schedule. Your voice is important. The decision will be made on December 31.


The end of the beta test

The first week of the beta test came to an end. A lot of improvements and bugfixes have been made in this time.

Last update: there is now 32 bit versions of local runner for Linux and Windows.

Please re-download the latest version of language packs and various utilities. Please note that the complete rules of the game and language packs are also published on Github. There you will be able to track the changes and also to see a changelog.

We won’t make changes that could affect the behavior of the strategy in the game till the end of Round 1 and the beginning of the second beta week. However, we will continue to fix known bugs, and we reserve the right to change the mechanics of the game beyond the rules if we deem these changes necessary.

The rating of all participants in the Sandbox has been reset.

Good luck in matches!


More updates

Last few updates:

  • Local runner can now draw debug information of your strategy (text/spheres/lines)
  • Python package updated (added Cython, numba)
  • Rust package updated (set to 2018 edition)
  • Added F#, Scala packages (added by participants).
  • You can now view stderr and exit code of your strategy (helps if your submission does not pass verification).

Update local runner and language pack.

Beta test is almost finished, please report any bugs found to GitHub


Mid-beta update

Hello everyone! Half of the beta-test week has passed, so everything is about to start for real!

In the meantime, we have fixed a lot of bug, and we also have following updates:

  • No more 20 second timeout in local runner
  • C++ pack now has project files for Visual Studio, Cmake, compilation scripts.
  • Python pack has been updated (added numpy, pytorch)
  • Kotlin version has been updated to 1.3.11
  • Simulation constants are now available in Rules object
  • Many new parameters for local runner (more here)

Download new version of rules, language pack and local runner and go, improve your strategies!

Rules and language packages are published on Github. There you will be able to see the changes.


Open beta

We are pleased to welcome all the participants of the Russian AI Cup: CodeBall 2018 open beta!

The beta test will run until 21:00 UTC on December23. Please note that at this time we can make a significant changes in the rules, scoring system and any other aspects of the championship. This week we will try to fix possible mistakes, optimize performance and make any other necessary improvements. The ratings will be reset after this week of beta.

Some links on the website are not working. We will fix it within a few days.

Good luck and have fun!

Latest games of leaders
# Name Rating
1 T1024 T1024 704
2 TonyK TonyK 692
3 Mr.Smile Mr.Smile 666
4 Lev Lev 663
5 tyamgin tyamgin 663
6 morozec morozec 650
7 ud1 ud1 647
8 mixei4 mixei4 603
9 lama lama 602
10 RiSuS RiSuS 587
# Name Rating
1 T1024 T1024 5150
2 tyamgin tyamgin 4838
3 TonyK TonyK 4750
4 Lev Lev 4737
5 Mr.Smile Mr.Smile 4522
6 morozec morozec 4489
7 ud1 ud1 4427
8 RiSuS RiSuS 4414
9 Daramant Daramant 4409
10 lama lama 4379